The Brand

Barel Cycles city bikes

Barel Cycles brand focuses on designing and producing city bikes for both ladies and gentlemen.

What makes Barel Cycles special is the use of gear hub opposed to classic derailleur gears. The main advantage of the gear hub is its high resistance against dirt and mud because the gear is capsulized in an internal hub. By using wider chain (1/2″ x 1/8″) we also achieve its longer lifetime period.

The gear hubs have been manufactured and used for bikes since 1902 by company Sturmey-Archer  and since 1904 by company Sachs – now SRAM.

We may provide you with 2, 3 and 5-speed hub versions.

2-speed hubs
Bikes are equipped with either automatic 2-speed gear hub Automatix from US company SRAM or 2-speed gear hub Duomatic Kick Shift S2C from British company Sturmey-Archer.

  • Automatix
    This gear works on centrifugal force principle. There is no shifter, the shift is made automatically when speed is about 17 – 18 km/h.
  • Duomatic Kick Shift S2C
    Shift up is handled by fine backwards move on pedals. You shift down by kicking back on pedals.

3-speed hubs
Bikes are equipped with gear hub from Sturmey-Archer. This gear can be handled by lever or twist shifter cable. Shifter is located on handlebar.

5-speed hubs
Bikes are equipped with gear hub from
Sturmey-Archer which is handled in the same manner as 3-speed hub.

On demand
4, 7 and 8-speed hubs.